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5 Decision Steps to Ongoing Transformation

‘A good plan, executed today, is better than a perfect plan tomorrow’’

General George S. Patton

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Are you ready to take your business forward to enjoy increased productivity, satisfaction and reward? Opening yourself up to change can connect you with the potential of your organisation, and committing to world class best practice can bring your business to a whole new level of success.

The Recree8 Associates

We are committed to lifelong learning and staunch believers in learning from those at the top of their game.  We therefore update ourselves regularly using the World’s best Universities, often using Harvard and MIT as resources, to refine our methodologies. Clients tell us they benefit significantly from the insights we can share through selecting relevant approaches from our toolkit of knowledge to meet the needs of each situation.

We help organisations to surface emerging implementable leadership strategies, practices and action programmes, to inform sustainable next level growth. Our framework facilitates new ideas, concepts, theories and practices, and brings these into play in client settings helping them achieve the most audacious goals in revenue and profitability.

“MIT, along with Stanford University claim to have produced some 70 000 companies, employing 10 million people and annual revenues $ 4.6 trillion, equal to the fourth biggest economy in the World, Germany, and exceeds the GDP of France and the UK combined and is double the size of the GDP of India and Russia”.

As a collective of practitioners our influence and leadership has reached over 20 countries, 3 continents, 1000’s of employees, 30 companies producing $ billions, from single operator enterprises to Multinationals employing 2-3 and upwards of 3000 employees. We are now established in Scotland in the UK and would like to hear from you if you’re interested in willing partnerships in sustainable high growth for your business. Our initial consultations are not charged.

Dr Kieth Deats

Dr Kieth Deats

MBA DrBA (Bus Econ)

Business Growth Specialist & Executive Business Coach

Maria Moore

Maria Moore

Psy.(Hons),MSc Psychotherapy, Dip. Counselling

Psychotherapist and Executive Coach

Justin Grace

Justin Grace


Senior Project Management Consultant

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‘Justin is a rare individual, and a top business leader…an experienced operator, equally effective at the top table as a strategist, and leader, and on the shop floor, with his sleeves rolled up. Justin has led successful multinational enterprises as a CEO, generating both sustained increased growth, and profit’

Dr Kieth Deats MBA DrBA (Bus Econ)

‘Kieth is an impactful coach and leader– not the “shrinking violet” with a very strong presence. He will leave a mark! Great quality in being transparent and saying it is it… Committed to growth. Potent instrument of change, who knows how to use himself to help another!’

Peter Bluckert

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