What Does Feedback Mean To You?

How does your business collect and work with feedback? If you have a foolproof strategy for exploring and discussing feedback on every level, from customer reviews to employee appraisals, and a process by which this is incorporated into future operations, you can sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

This is a rare occurrence, and a gap in business philosophy that often costs companies revenue that they are unaware they are losing. Building a strategy that enables feedback to drive your business forward is key to success, and a business growth specialist can work with you to create such a system and develop your business as an inevitable result.

What Is Feedback?

Feedback is any response to your business practice, whether it comes from your clients or customers, or whether it is provided by your employees or leadership team. You will probably have a carefully considered and efficient policy for dealing with customer complaints, and this is essential to any business to limit damage to your reputation and ensure customer loyalty wherever possible, but this is certainly not the only type of feedback you can use to grow your business, and you may be missing out if you are only seeing this angle.


Using Positive Customer Feedback:

Customer reviews are very important to other potential customers, and this is a crucial way to attract new business and stand out amongst the competition. Consider the following:

  • Do you have positive testimonials on your website? You should ensure that all customers are invited to leave reviews for you, and be aware that these are very effective in boosting your search engine rankings.
  • Are you using independent review websites? These are a very good way to increase your online profile and ensure that those considering your business will receive a positive impression of it when they do their research.

Many businesses incentivize reviews, and others find that simply asking their customers to review them provides a good rate of positive feedback that is very useful to business growth.


Making The Most Of Employee Feedback:

As a business, it is vital to have procedures in place for consistently reviewing staff members and taking their views into account. However, I believe that a dramatic shift in the thinking of most traditional leaders will bring businesses to a much more open mindset, within which the potential for growth will be exponential.


Ask yourself:

  • Do you see your employees as the skilled and vital resource that they are, recognizing their specific knowledge as invaluable to business growth?
  • Are your employees committed to, and valued by, the enterprise that they work within?

Answering these questions honestly should help you to consider whether you may need to take a more comprehensive approach to using employee feedback in your business development plan.


Start Growing Your Business Now

If your business is ready for long-term, sustainable change, you may benefit from working with a business growth specialist. Here at Recree8, we have a range of carefully designed and bespoke programmes and we will find the best approach for you and your organization. Just contact us today to see how we can help you.