Growing Your Business Through Equality Management

My business practice, and the theory that I use with my clients every day, is informed by the experiences and lessons of my life, and the personal attitudes that I hold. In particular, I believe that my experience of living within a system of apartheid has informed my thinking about how divisive it is when a collective cannot work together for the benefit of the whole.

I have seen parallels within businesses all over the world that relate to the system I grew up within, and I have seen numerous pitfalls associated with this kind of inequality. I believe that it is only when employers recognise employees as their reliable and valuable partners that true business growth can occur.

How To Ensure That Your Business Will Grow

Developing your business and moving to the next level of success is much easier when you realise the potential of your greatest asset: your staff team. An enlightened employer will come to understand that it is the employees within the enterprise that hold the key to progress, redefining the following concepts:

  • When an employee feels powerless, and is not valued within his or her institution, he or she has no motivation to work hard for the business and no drive to make positive changes. When power is shared, and the employees are recognised as an essential part of any business, the potential for success multiplies and the employees are empowered to make and own the changes that are necessary for growth.
  • Most employers know, on some level, that their employees have an essential and valuable knowledge about the workings of the business, but few employers use this to their advantage. Recognising the wealth of knowledge your employees possess and making the most of it in framing new ideas and developments within the business can revolutionise every level of a company and take it to a new level of success.
  • It’s impossible to grow without taking risks, but embracing the potential of your staff team and leading with openness and integrity can lead to a calculated risk that is much more likely to pay off than traditional methods. When you are working in partnership with your employees and developing shared plans for growth, the risks you take will be smaller, and the potential rewards much greater, than ever before.

Grow Your Business Now with

Across every level of your business, your employees will contribute more to the success of the enterprise as a whole if they know that they are valued and that their efforts are recognised. The way in which you lead your team, and how your team relate to one another, can make a big difference to the success of your organisation, so if you want to grow your business, contact us today and see how we can help.