5-Step Next Level Leadership and Growth Programme

Executive and Business Coach facilitated interactions designed to help Business Owners and Leaders, individuals, groups and core change makers achieve Next Level Growth and Beyond


Build sustainable leadership practices and actions by developing a Core Group of 5th Level leaders through highly collaborative routine interactions. The programme enables change by identifying the changes in the psychological dispositions of individuals, leaders and emerging leaders by shaping and challenging their commitment to social and commercial change agendas.

5th level or Post-Modern leaders through intense research and practice have named psychological safety and ethics as their priority in sustainable growth Our research has revealed that without exception leaders whose attitudes operate from 5th level have outperformed their peer groups in real and sustainable longer term growth, without exception.

Step One Discovery

First Observations with a Business Leader

Current growth problems are identified in dialogue with a Leader who is unable to sustain and increase current rates of growth.

A Preferred Future and a willingness to commit to change and improvement to grow are discussed and includes identifying issues relating to incentives, power and motivation.


  • The Focus is refection on a leaders Assumptions that are informing a leader’s current growth problems and meaning making;
  • Discussion considers the Intra-Organisational aspects of Transparency, Inclusion, Dialogue, Well-being and Self Interest.
  • Core elements of Non-Paternalistic Leadership, Engaging the ‘Social’ Brain, Common Will and Vision, and Use of Knowledge are engaged as possible leadership behaviours that may need introspection.
  • And a View of Sustainable business growth are explored as is a framework to drive Intra-Organisational change to sustain and increase growth 

The objective of Step 1

is to decide to engage the organisation and get feedback on a commitment by individuals and groups

Step Two

Intra-Organisational Discovery and Dialogue

This step opens dialogue with individuals and groups to reflect on their first observations as in Step One by setting out a commitment to Spaces and Places for Debate to Generative Dialogue


The objective of Step 2

is to Map from Current Reality To an intended Preferred Life with an outcome that defines a Change Agenda and the commitment to Defining collective Success

Coach facilitated interactions identify patterns, habits, experiences, behaviours and assumptions that are perceived to be obstacles to growth.

  • Public airings are facilitated on how the organisation, individuals and groups will want to be led.  Focus is on exploring new experiences to enable change and growth, including; self-interest, incentives, power and motivation.
  • Autonomous, self-organising groups engage with a leader groups to co-create expectations. The groups will work towards towards mutualism, reciprocity and inter-personalism and the well-being of the whole organization.
  • During this process Dealing with Conflict and Gap Analysis identifies the highest possible future with the collective through a Social Process of the Leader being Led and Leader Leading to learn 

Step Three Strategy

A Common Will and Vision

We use a Certified Kaplan and Norton Balanced Scorecard methodology to enable ‘Bottom-up’ contribution using individual and collective experiential knowledge, expectations and Image of a Preferred Future to build consensus to enable new experiences by


  • SMART Shaping of Improvement Goals and Commitments to test assumptions made in Step Two from a change agenda

Step Four

Designing and Agreeing on Implementing Programmes of Action

  • Work practices and management actions are Mapped and tracked by reflecting- on the-doings, actions and practices, and routinely Assess and Review to identify What’s worked and not worked
  • The Image Updating of a preferred future is updated through the collective Knowledge Generation through improvements, new elements and ideas

Step Five

Preferred Future Next Observations


  • The Business Leader and Organisation identify new growth challenges and a Willingness to commit to change and improvement, testing further collective and individual Assumptions informing current growth problems and meaning making and continue to run a second learning loop [Steps 2-5]

Ready to grow?

Are you ready to take your business forward to enjoy increased productivity, satisfaction and reward? Opening yourself up to change can connect you with the potential of your organisation, and committing to world class best practice can bring your business to a whole new level of success.


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