Building your own high value networks


This 4-part workshop is run to get CEO’s, directors, strategists, consultants into the same space to understand the interpersonal and relational issues confronting sustainable growth and their employability.

3 perspectives are explored through facilitation. The workshop explores the dynamics of high value propositions to enable CEO’s, Consultants and Employee needs for specialist skills, where each invite in the possibilities of working together in a sustained way.

We explore behaviour, commitment, fee structures and ethics.

The workshops objective is to build next level growth that is mutually beneficial for participants.
Through a process of parallel learning, each participant presents a business case and dilemma, and engage in the psychological, social and commercial benefits of engaging with each other-the focus is on unfiltered conversations-conversation we need to have!


  • 6th degree networking to create strategically aligned relationships through co-learning, with credible and verifiable referrals and accountability.


  • Individual and collective participant experiences of what’s worked/not worked

  • Latest ideas and trending using HBR articles and insights.

Ready to Create your Network?


03jul2:00 pm5:00 pmBuilding Your Own High Value Networks July-August 2024


14aug2:00 pm5:00 pmBuilding Your Own High Value Networks August-Sept 2024


25sep2:00 pm5:00 pmBuilding Your Own High Value Networks Sept-Oct 2024