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Who are you and what do YOU want?

You are an entrepreneur, business owner, emerging leader, director, strategist, consultant, coach, and individual who will want to share the same space to understand the interpersonal, relational, and commercial issues confronting sustainable growth and your employability

Our associates are top class in Business Psychology and Sociology, and Commercially and Financially experienced in Cashflow, P&L, Balance Sheets and making the connections between Employers, Employees and Stakeholders.

You will want to:

Achieve Sustainable Long-Term Growth, Compound Your Commercial Success and Find Good Company for the Journey

We can Help Deliver on

  • A Bespoke Strategy Framework to Develop Commercially Effective Leaders and Followers within your Organisation that will Fulfil your Growth Aspirations
  • Meeting and Exceeding Revenue and Profitability Targets
  • Creating massive traction on diversity, inclusion, equality and transparency as a Game Changer in your Organisations
  • Developing and Motivating Individuals and Teams to embrace the psychological, social and commercial savvy to reach into the Future and become more self-assured with higher degrees of autonomy
  • Developing simple powerful easy to manage Incentive Schemes
  • Developing an Effective hybrid working framework to onboard employees and stakeholder engagement remotely and onsite
  • An easy to manage bespoke cash flow forecasting and shared portal from the Boardroom to the Shopfloor to enhance greater transparency
    A self-sustaining cashflow rich organisation with exceptional employer/employee engagement
    An Online platform to have Global reach

Join us in Our Pursuit and Obsession to Make Credible World Class Thought Leadership and Practice Workshops Affordable

This is an Opportunity to Work on Yourself and Your Business in Psychologically Safe Unrushed Space and: 

  • Gain Access to a Group of Highly Experienced Businessmen and women, coaches and consultants who will want to enable you to fulfil your personal and business aspirations
  • Learn to Encourage and Reward Maximum Participation from Employees and Stakeholders in an Experiential Learning space as a teacher, leader, and follower
  • Learn to Lead from your Followers
  • Design Your Own Framework to Journey into the Future as It Emerges to Sustain and Grow your Enterprise
  • Define Your Own Success and Find Good to Great Company for the Journey
    A self-sustaining cashflow rich organisation with exceptional employer/employee engagement
  • An Online platform to have Global reach

Our Guarantee-We are Approachable, Affable, Affordable and Accessible

40 years of Research and Practice as Business and Team Leaders, and Specialists in Adult Mental Development and Complexity from the World’s Top Thought Leaders from Harvard, MIT, Wharton, UCC and Stanford
Our Track Record of Business Turnarounds and Watching Your Backs – Real Results From the Coalface…

Our Offers

Delivered online, in Live Peer-to-Peer engagements, with Workshop-to-Workshop updates with Real-World Business Cases

“Really interesting man to spend an hour with over a virtual coffee but even more valuable is to sign up to one of his discussion groups and really get your brain matter working independently of mainstream and social media. He knows his stuff and at no point imposes his thinking on you, allowing you to form your own opinions with confidence.” Angela Daye

Leading in Uncertainty

A group exploration and inquiry from multiple perspectives. This course will challenge, inspire, and change business owners to support and develop their own framework for profound and sustainable growth

Inspire powerful shifts in thinking, interrogating internal assumptions, and suggest actions that empower the individual to achieve success in new areas, through new methods, and new ways of thinking

This workshop is run on Thursday afternoons from 2 pm BST for 6 consecutive weeks updating individuals, groups, and leaders in the pursuit of 5th level leadership, and sustainable high growth in a Modern and Post-Modern World

Weekly updates of current Global trends from Harvard Business Review and McKinsey&Co are circulated for discussion and integration in to current leadership practices.

Deliverable: A Framework for Leaders and Organisations to Build 5th Order Leaders and Emerging Leaders



20jun2:00 pm4:00 pmLeading in Uncertainty June-July 2024


15aug2:00 pm4:00 pmLeading in Uncertainty August-Sept 2024

“Dr Kieth’s approach enables personal, team and business growth and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who needs not only to change their view of what can be achieved but also in stretching and achieving new levels of success.” – John Keogh

Building Your Own High-Value Networks

Getting professionals together to discuss and understand the interpersonal, relational, and commercial issues confronting sustainable growth and their employability. Designed to help develop your compelling business case while challenging yourself and your peers.

Together, we explore behaviour, commitment, fee structures and ethics. We question and search for answers to what effective networking is and invite you to roll up your sleeves and work with us. Through a process of parallel learning, each participant presents a business case and dilemma, and engages in the psychological, social, and commercial benefits of engaging with each other – the focus is on unfiltered conversations.

This Workshop stimulate participants to use Collective Knowledge to engage on a Digital and Face-to-Face platform to deliver on a framework that has Global, National and Local Reach. This is a Group Coaching, Mentoring, and Learning platform to enable participants to Build their own Tribe, ask for help, design an online platform for engagement and onboarding new business, and culminates in delivering on a Compelling Business Case and Killer Presentation, that will be put to the test in the Group Breakout Rooms, to shape and get feedback from participants.

Deliverable: An Updateable Framework to onboard Clients, with a well-practiced and Effective presentation.


03jul2:00 pm5:00 pmBuilding Your Own High Value Networks July-August 2024


14aug2:00 pm5:00 pmBuilding Your Own High Value Networks August-Sept 2024


25sep2:00 pm5:00 pmBuilding Your Own High Value Networks Sept-Oct 2024


30oct2:00 pm5:00 pmBuilding Your Own High Value Networks Oct-Nov 2024

 “I developed an amazing appetite and resilience to get in front of desired clients that I really wanted to do Business with. My mental preparation and bounce-back ability improved. I smashed my targets. I am where I am with his help, as an individual and team player. Finding my voice needed me to stand for something and meet the challenges. Kieth’s support made a significant difference. I recommend Kieth highly to any team and company leader/owner to help with coaching, employee engagement, relationships, target Hitting and real money-making!” – Sarah Louise Gallagher

The 5 Step Leadership and Growth Programme

A world class development programme for leaders and emerging leaders in uncertain times. Lead to learn from those you lead and grow. Develop sustainable modern leadership practices and action. Become an effective leader through self-directed learning using three distinct adult mental development growth trajectories who can practice self-transformation safely and ethically as their priority in achieving and compounding the effects of sustainable growth.

Design and embed a framework for identifying the changes needed in the psychological dispositions of individuals:  leaders and emerging leaders by shaping and challenging their commitment to high value social and commercial propositions

This is specifically designed for Coaches, Consultants, Business Leaders, and Individuals who will want to be the authors of their own Growth and Development Frameworks.

Learning Outcomes: 1st person inquiry into individual dilemmas-Collective inquiry into Current Reality and a Change Agenda-Collective Strategy and a Common Will and Vision-Action Programme Design and implementation-Assessment, updating and reviewing, and iterating the growth and learning cycle to achieve next levels of growth.


22jul3:00 pm5:00 pm5-Step Next Level Leadership and Growth Programme July-August 2024


16sep3:00 pm5:00 pm5-Step Next Level Leadership and Growth Programme Sept-Oct 2024

“Kieth Deats has demonstrated a huge level of integrity & knowledge regarding business strategy & re-engineering since commencing his service provision to Ayrton in 2008. We have achieved some remarkable results due to his contributions, assistance & guidance.” – Kieran Linehan

Rumble in the Jungle

We enable professionals on their journey to sustain individual and business fulfilment of preferred prosperous work-life futures. Obtain high growth in your organisation and learn from experience and knowledge about leading through ‘Using Our Minds vs Our Minds Using Us’ to overcome the mental lockdown and untested assumptions we hold.

We engage in a self-critical process of exploring how we can help each other shape high-value propositions focusing on the core business practice aspects of Modern and Post-Modern Leadership, Current Thought Leadership in Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and People, and Leadership Centric Performance to achieve Sustainable Growth.

This workshop is aimed at helping you overcome feeling isolated, frustrated, and alone with flagging revenues, pressure on your bottom line, and struggles with keeping yourself and your team motivated. You’ll be working in a psychologically safe space with peers to overcome the obstacles and barriers to growth with a collective of experienced businesswomen and men. Deliverables: A Road Map, with Strategies, and Actions needed to take to overcome the obstacles and assumptions we make by exploring, innovating, and navigating uncharted waters.


09jul2:00 pm6:00 pmRumble in the Jungle Workshop July 2024


06aug2:00 pm6:00 pmRumble in the Jungle Workshop August 2024


ACCESS to All These Workshops?

A monthly subscription where you’ll have seamless access


  • Be able to rack up 35 CPD Accredited points per annum for your Professional Development
  • Receive the Course Material and Reading lists at no additional cost
  • Have your Peers assess your progress through a process of continuous assessment virtually, live and online
  • Access to Highly Credible, Experienced Successful businessmen, woman, Master Coaches, and Consultants
  • Be a participant in a group collective of creative, ambitious thinkers who challenge and support each other’s growth. 
  • Access to a wealth of perspectives and that inspire powerful shifts in thinking, interrogating internal assumptions, and suggested actions that empower individual to achieve success in new areas, through new methods, and new ways of thinking.
  • Access fertile ground and incubator space, for debate, dialogue, and innovation in an environment to challenge, confirm, or change, evolve and craft your frameworks for learning, choosing to engage with and focus on the actions you uncover.
  • Have the bonus of getting weekly updates from McKinsey&Co, and Harvard Business Review on Global, National and Local trends in the Leadership, Growth and Workplace practices
  • Be able to Network across the Globe, with participants from South Africa, Canada, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Holland, Slovakia, and the UK.
  • Have access to an initial conversation with Master and Doctoral Practitioner Dr Deats at no cost.

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