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£40.00 / month


  • Be able to rack up 35 CPD Accredited points per annum for your Professional Development
  • Receive the Course Material and Reading lists at no additional cost
  • Have your Peers assess your progress through a process of continuous assessment virtually, live and online
  • Access to Highly Credible, Experienced Successful businessmen, woman, Master Coaches, and Consultants
  • Be a participant in a group collective of creative, ambitious thinkers who challenge and support each other’s growth. 
  • Access to a wealth of perspectives and that inspire powerful shifts in thinking, interrogating internal assumptions, and suggested actions that empower individual to achieve success in new areas, through new methods, and new ways of thinking.
  • Access fertile ground and incubator space, for debate, dialogue, and innovation in an environment to challenge, confirm, or change, evolve and craft your frameworks for learning, choosing to engage with and focus on the actions you uncover.
  • Have the bonus of getting weekly updates from McKinsey&Co, and Harvard Business Review on Global, National and Local trends in the Leadership, Growth and Workplace practices
  • Be able to Network across the Globe, with participants from South Africa, Canada, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Holland, Slovakia, and the UK.
  • Have access to an initial conversation with Master and Doctoral Practitioner Dr Deats at no cost.