Rumble in the Jungle Workshops


These Workshops are designed to enable business leaders and core change makers in their Journey to Individual and Business Fulfilment of Preferred Prosperous Work Life Futures

“Partnering You in Making the Impossible Possible”

Travelling the journey into unchartered territory

Our Doctoral Work and Research has a proven, credible and verifiable approach the connect ourselves those who might be sharing the same dilemmas in their sincere efforts to affect sustainable longer-term growth high value relationships.

Rumble in the Jungle is a 4-part series of experimental and experiential networking workshops whose objective is to connect Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Strategists, Coaches and Consultants to each other to explore high value commercial propositions through a parallel process of self-directed adult learning and improvement.

How it works

  • We invite 8 people who are searching for next level growth programmes that will sustain the growth of their practices and businesses.
  • We invite two of the 8 people to present their business cases with narratives and outcomes over the course of one day
  • We engage in a self-critical process of exploring how each can help the other to shape high value propositions
  • We encourage 6th degree strategically aligned next level double dating
  • We roll over each of these Workshop networking meetings to explore the why’s, what if’s, so what’s and what’s next.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Owners, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants, Strategists and Coaches
  • Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Financial Directors
  • Service industry professionals in legal, accounting, finance, sales, leadership, and organisational development

Key drivers

  • Sustainable growth
  • Ethics and psychological safety
  • Frameworks for performance and the language of engagement
  • Strategically aligned partners and events
  • Building high Value online and offline networks where participants are strategically aligned

Workshops are run during two working days to allow serious minded business persons the mental place to stand apart from the day to day to get an outside in view and inside in view of themselves in reflective space, sharing common dilemmas in dealing with personal, professional and business dilemmas in the pursuit of sustainable growth and high value relationships. 


  • Shared success and ongoing development towards to fulfil each other’s preferred work life futures.
  • To learn from the successes and failures
  • Build Frameworks to support the psychological, social and commercial outcomes.
  • Build resilience into a group of serious-minded businesspeople with excellent social support, to encourage adaptability, purpose and confidence.
  • Build credibility and veracity as a core group of business professionals who can help each other stretch themselves to the next level

Your hosts and facilitators

South African born Dr Kieth Deats MBA Dr.BA (Bus Econ) is a former conscript in counter insurgency, diamond prospector, professional farmer and agricultural economist, CEO, and rural retail trader committed to building prosperity at all levels of society. He has worked the shop floor, and with politicians, Board Chairman and as a director and CEO. He is a specialist in SUSTAINABLE EQUALITY-BASED LEADERSHIP©. Over the last 40 years he has questioned the effectiveness of bureaucratic versus entrepreneurial thinking, and encouraged autonomy in all his ventures, resulting in some 20 major million and multimillion turnarounds.

His regard for his fellow human being has resulted in him studying the phenomenon of equality-based engagement and participation in fulfilling preferred work lives. He has seriously questioned the effectiveness the institutionalised thinking of ‘learned professionals’ and leaders who purport to hold onto their intellectual, social and political elitist top down and overtly authoritarian attitudes that misuse and abuse power.

An active protagonist of building self-sustaining, financially independent enterprises with likeminded businessmen, he has been described as a potent instrument of change, and ‘not the shrinking violet’, yet a champion of a free, fair and just functioning society.

“I am a great believer in co-learning, co-creating and co-expecting with maximum employee democratic participation, and not living with the need to thump my chest as the most learned person in the room. Making sense of each other’s situations in a non-threatening relationship and participation through inquiry is without exception the most power tool in sustainable growth

He is educated as a practitioner doctor in business administration business economics , one of 18 educated this way at UCC’s World Class DBA programme supervised by Professor Robert Kegan (ret.), Harvard’s Head of Adult Professional Development, and Professor Eleanor Doyle, Co-Chair of Harvard Business School’s Knowledge Generation Council, and Harvard Hall of Famer in Strategy and Competitiveness. During this time he challenged leadership, and what leadership ought to be, resulting in the design of a theoretical and ever evolving cohesive practice framework for use by business leaders, coaches, consultants and strategists for inquiry, through genuine dialogue, to support and challenge adult learners in their drive to change and grow, using Adult Mental Development and Complexity as the overarching tool for change.


Workshop Structure

Day 1

Edinburgh Airport Hilton

Participants meet and enjoy breakfast with their hosts
Introduction to the concepts and challenge to meet the objectives
Short keynote address by Dr Deats

First Business Case:

The Ayrton Group Kieran Linehan

Successes and Failures

Question and Answers

Parallel learning and insights

Refreshment Break

Other participant cases

Light Lunch

Other participant cases

Day 2

Second Business Case

A N Other

Successes and Failures

Questions and Answers

Parallel learning and insights

Refreshment Break

Other participant cases

Light Lunch

Closing Remarks, insights and group critique and feedback.


Ready to Rumble?


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