Why Are Our Own Businesses Not Flourishing When We’re So Damn Good At What We Do?

Honesty is important in any business, allowing effective appraisals and building solid foundations for growth, but being realistic about what we are achieving is also a crucial skill. We may be talented and have a lot to offer, but if we are marketing ourselves in the wrong way, or failing to identify our ideal audience, we may not be seeing the success we expect or hope for.[/fusion_text]

Whatever sector we work within, we are likely to see ups and downs in our businesses as markets change and political impacts are felt. The current climate across much of the business world is uncertain, and key political events are causing ripples on an international basis. No business is infallible. However, setting ourselves up for success, and knowing how to make the most of our skills and experience, can give us the best chance of flourishing, regardless of the environment around us.

Making The Most Of Ourselves And Our Businesses

It’s not easy to develop or lead a flourishing business, but there are many ways to shift your approach and increase the likelihood of success. Here are some key areas to consider:

  1. Leadership style. Are you leading a team of valued and validated experts? Are you recognising that every member of your team has a crucial contribution to make to the outcome of your project or sales figures? If not, consider that you, as the manager or leader, may be the problem. If you are leading in an ego-centric manner that values your input over that of others in your setup, you are doing your business a disservice.
  1. Future projections. What is your business all about? Have you got a clearly defined ethos, that is important to all members of your team, and a clear and strategic plan for progression? You might be surprised by the number of businesses that do not have these simple essentials in place. Working with a business coach to identify these elements and set up an achievable and measurable plan can be a great way to move your business on from coasting to flourishing.
  2. Level of commitment. Who really cares about what happens to your business? If you are the only person in your organisation who is invested in success, you will soon discover that the responsibility and stress is all yours, too. A successful business is necessarily supported by a team of people who are invested in, and committed to, positive outcomes. This means that if your current setup does not value or reward your staff effectively, you could see great positive change by moving towards a model of equality based practice.

What Is Holding Your Business Back?

Kieth Deats is a specialist in Equality-Based Practice and has committed his lifetime’s work and doctoral practice study to addressing equality at every level of society as a practitioner. He is driven to enable this with individuals, teams and leaders

He currently partners with peer practitioners and entrepreneurs, working to develop frameworks that introduce and integrate Equality-Based practices and management actions to update and evolve their enterprises. The goal is to sustain and increase rates of growth, with a determination to see each other’s success and the wellbeing of leaders and their organisations as a priority for Modern Enterprise.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Kieth is in the final stages of his Practitioner’s Doctorate with University College Cork which brings some new capacity to support the design and implementation of Equality-Based Practices in your own settings, and is contactable via www.recree8.com.