Who Is Holding Your Business Back?

If you would like to see your business grow, improving your turnover and profits, you will first need to consider what is stopping you from growing, or who is standing in the way of your progress. This can be a tricky question to face, since the answers may be uncomfortable to hear, but being open and honest with yourself and your team is the only way to develop and move forwards.

It can be difficult to make philosophical and structural changes to your business from the inside, but a business growth specialist can help you to hone your skills in this area, and to approach your business practice from a new perspective. Here are some key considerations to begin with:

Who Is Saying No To Your Business Growth?

Consider where the resistance to growth is coming from within your business structure. Who is holding the business back, and how can you turn this around?

Who are you hearing ‘no’ from?

  1. Your customers. Are you getting more rejections from clients or customers than previously? If your projections are being disappointed, it’s time to consider what your customers are telling you: do they like the products or services you are offering? Is your business tailored so that only some of their needs are being met? Look honestly at how you are responding to customer demand, and then consider this in light of the way your business runs.
  2. Your staff team. If your staff feel valued and know that they are contributing to the success of a business to which they feel committed, the results of this will be felt throughout every level of your enterprise. However, if staff cohesion is not good, or employees do not feel that they are heard, it could be that these vital members of the process are preventing change. It is, of course, the way in which the leadership enables or disables the team that creates or prevents change, but if you are hearing ‘no’ from your workforce, you will need to take this very seriously indeed.
  3. Yourself. Sometimes the hardest thing to own is your personal responses to change, and many leaders identify that it is their own resistance that is holding back development and progress. This is usually related to fear of change, and this can be extremely difficult to work through if you are not aware of it, but once you have identified the problem, it is easier to look strategically at the concerns you have and work with other leaders, or a business growth specialist, to overcome these and drive your business forward to the next level.

Find Out How You Could Transform Your Leadership with Recree8

Developing your own leadership skills and creating a system that works for all of your team members can help your business to embrace great success. A Business Growth Specialist can be useful in the stages of analysing your business strategy, and can help you to consolidate your plans for development and make change happen.

I have spent many years working with businesses across three continents, and I am delighted that every business I have worked with has seen successful outcomes. I am happy to discuss the ways in which we can work together: simply contact me today. I look forward to working with you!