An Entrepreneurs View of Growth from Within the Firm

I’ve experienced torrents of arguments as to why businesses do not grow, and chief amongst these has been that national economies are in melt down, and therefore growth from within is simply not sustainable. I’ve often asked why it is that some firms continue to growth in spite of the waves of pessimism that is reported through the media. If innovation is encouraged through the firm, it is richly evident that it is within the firm that innovation is the determinant of growth! And not so called external market conditions. The world of assumptions, untested contradictions and conflict are a rich resource for change. Assumptions taken to be true have the quality of universal generalisations, which we know are supposed to be disprovable by even a single counter instance.  By taking one more step towards building a relationship to the assumption rather than being run by it, can lead to us to make quite large changes in our sense of our possibilities … Our client portfolio are using the assumptions informing their current leadership and organisational challenges as the resource for reshaping perspectives that challenge the validity of these assumptions regarding their growth…with surprising results. What assumptions are you making about the growth and connection to potential growth that remains untapped as possibly disprovable in the context of your own business?