Behaviour For A Preferred Future

Are you experiencing your preferred life at work? Understanding the behaviours that enable better experiences at work can bring us a healthier life balance, but it is often easier to spot the types of behaviour that are not helpful or conducive to this! The leader in the business environment is, of course, vital in setting the tone for the organisation. A leader who energises and inspires colleagues, while challenging the organisation to participate in the well-being of the whole team and the business, will be able to imbue his or her team with a much higher likelihood of success.  

What Difference Does Behaviour Make?

The patterns of behaviour that we see in ourselves and in those we work with set the tone for our business interactions and limit the way in which we progress. Building new patterns of behaviour that are rooted in positivity and equality can make a huge difference to the pathway we take into the future. Mapping and tracking behaviours and their outcomes is not something that most of us tend to do, but it can be a very useful way to understand the likely outcomes of our actions and begin to move towards more positive behaviour patterns. Working together as a group, all invested in a better future for the business, is the way to cement transformation through changing behaviour.

Mindful Behaviour For Change

Mindfulness might sound like a buzzword, but it’s scientifically proven to improve productivity and positive outcomes. Connecting with mindfulness and moving into mindful behaviour in your working and personal life can bring many benefits, and seeing the bigger picture is certainly a useful goal to aim for. Imagine a duck, circling on a pond. He may swim around and around with no notion of the bigger picture, without understanding that there is a whole world out there if he just follows the wind that ruffles his wings. For us humans, however, the potential for us to develop and expand our worldview is much greater, and altering our perceptions can bring us a whole new appreciation of our position, and an empowered and knowledgeable platform from which to move. Discovering mindfulness can challenge stagnation and enable the right mind-set for positive change, leading to an expansive, informed and equal future.

Developing Your Business For Success

Kieth Deats is a specialist in Equality-Based Practice and has committed his lifetime’s work and doctoral practice study to addressing equality at every level of society as a practitioner. He is driven to enable this with individuals, teams and leaders. Kieth partners with peer practitioners and entrepreneurs, working to develop frameworks that introduce and integrate Equality-Based practices and management actions to update and evolve their enterprises. The goal is to sustain and increase rates of growth, with a determination to see each other’s success and the well-being of leaders and their organisations as a priority for Modern Enterprise. Kieth is available to give talks, and enable the design and implementation of Equality-Based Practices in your own settings, and is contactable via