Capacity for Change: Developing the Mindset

It is clear that real, sustainable growth cannot happen if we do not have the capacity to change, but what happens if we are not choosing to make the most of this capacity? Many traditional leaders express frustration that micro-managing individuals is exhausting and stressful work. I believe that this sort of rigid attitude to controlling every aspect of how things ‘should’ be reduces the capacity of each individual to grow and change, and this can only result in an enterprise that is, itself, unable to grow.

What is Mindful Activity?

Micro-managing is overwhelming and distrustful, and tends to create anxiety and un-engaged thought processes and actions. This attitude is what I call ‘mindless’, since it is the very opposite of the mindful, engaged approach we need to cultivate in order to make real, sustainable changes in our businesses and in ourselves. Mindfulness involves addressing our own experiences, attitudes and behaviours, asking ourselves what we could change in order to create better conditions for success. Looking mindfully at ourselves makes it possible to consider the kinds of extraordinary action and performance that can facilitate growth, both on an individual and team level.

Growing Your Business Mindfully

Starting with yourself gives you a good basis for making changes across all levels of your business, and being unafraid to address your own mental stumbling blocks can really help to move you into a position of positivity from which to grow. Stepping out of a restrictive atmosphere and embracing the potential for change can invite growth across your enterprise, especially if you are willing to challenge entrenched ideas and attitudes that have been holding you back. Working from the perspective that business growth can best emerge from the same principles as personal or relationship development, it is easier to see what the crucial factors are:


What is your vision, and what are you and your staff teams working for? Is everyone heading in the same direction and holding the same core values?


Does everyone in your team want to be there? Are you all committed to the same end result, and prepared to commit yourselves to making the necessary changes to get there?


Are all individuals involved, including leaders and staff team members, listening to others and understanding exactly what is being said? Is everyone hearing the same message and interpreting it in the same way?


Are all individuals involved in a position to allow changes to be made? Is everyone prepared to increase performance and to put in an extraordinary effort to make sustainable changes effectively?

Growing Your Business Can Start Today with

Business growth begins with an honest appraisal of where you are and what you want to change. Looking at where you would like to be in a few months, as well as in the next few years, can consolidate your vision and give you a basis from which to build your business. If you want to grow your business, contact us today to see how we can help.