Developing A Growth Mindset

If you want to grow your business, a business growth specialist can help you to identify areas for development and create strategic plans to bring these into your organisation. The concept of a growth mindset can be a very helpful idea to understand, offering a new way to frame attitudes and behaviours within the workplace.

The basic principle of a growth mindset relies on moving away from the traditional model of performance judgement and quantifiable value. It relates to a concept which has revolutionised academic institutions by removing the focus from grades and moving towards positive improvement models.

How Does A Growth Mindset Work Within Business?

A growth mindset for business addresses crucial ways in which employees can see their roles as having the potential for development rather than viewing themselves as being in possession of a static ability.

Seeing oneself in a fixed role can lead an employee to:

  • Avoid challenges due to fear of failure, or give up easily
  • Fail to see the point of putting effort into tasks
  • Ignore constructive criticism
  • Feel threatened by others and by any attempt to channel positive changes.

It is clear that this perspective is based in fear and in feelings of lack, specifically the feelings of not being good enough. This is the common outcome of a system by which people must be ‘rated’ or graded according to a sliding scale, on which there is success and failure, and degrees of both.

Moving into an attitude where it is understood that ability can be developed allows for a very different perspective, which creates the potential for real and valuable growth within an institution.

If ability is seen as a factor that can be developed, an employee can:

  • Be open to challenges and new ideas
  • Meet obstacles head on and persist in overcoming them
  • Recognise that effort is a necessary part of success
  • Accept and learn from constructive criticism
  • Be inspired by the successes of others around them

What Does This Mean For Businesses?

Interestingly, many businesses adopt appraisal schemes and assessments that aim to classify staff members according to the numerical value of their success in any given area. Removing this agenda and simply focusing on the ways in which to move forward and get things right appears to have a much more positive outcome for staff members, and for businesses, than a system which concentrates on the degree to which individuals are getting it wrong.

Stepping into a more positive, goal oriented framework can open up the potential of your business and expand the attitudes and agendas of the staff involved. This is also an excellent way to begin to challenge traditional models of management/staff interaction and to move towards a more cooperative, equality-based model.

Unique Development Strategies For Your Business

Here at Recree8, we offer bespoke business growth packages and we will work with you to create the perfect model for your organisation. We focus on leadership and strategy that will take your business into the future with vision and positivity, and we will support you as you take the next steps. Just contact us today to see how we can help you.