Employer Never Expected This …

Dear Mr. Employer, I’ve felt it very necessary to write this letter to you so that you may fully understand how to best lead me to really achieve well, not only for you, but for myself and my team. I often find that I am not fully expressing myself, meaning – what I really think or feel in our meetings and sessions, as I fear that there might be some kind of reprisal!  Yet know that if I do, you might, and I might, really get the best from me, and we may achieve much more in a meaningful relationship.  A relationship that in fact would encourage both of us to really open up to who we are and what we want – in the work we love to do. I’m wondering if we suspended the ‘old boss/worker relationship’ and explored what a truly honest open relationship of equality might mean to both of us.  I’d be far more interested in deciding with you what it is we all want to achieve, and how my involvement and yours shapes our futures. You see, I’m happy to feel stretched (not overwhelmed) to achieve the very best for myself and you. I understand your interest in growing your business, and want just as much to experience this growth for myself. If I experience my work life as enjoyable, challenging, and I’m treated as a self employed, self organised, self governing adult, and we share our experience and knowledge…I believe we can all prosper! If my development through your leadership encourages a free flow of ideas, that adds to our current performance and if I can see the impact of myself and my team on the commitment to a common will and vision, then I’ll make it mine and get involved.  So, if I’m not blinded, deluded and manipulated, we can all benefit. Why not meet to?

  • Discuss and design our own  programmes of action
  • Understand how we can all get involved and rewarded
  • Understand how we can manage ourselves and have the autonomy and freedom to be part of a great team.
  • Reflect on our performance in relationships of  willing partners to learn from each other
  • Decide on the agreed Universal Standards and how we might see each others success

Dear Employee, Thank you for your letter. I haven’t received anything like it before. My initial reaction is shock, as I have always lived with the belief that I pay the wages, and because of my position, that the ultimate power I have over you therefore means I own you while you work for me.  Meaning everything about being a leader is subject to my approval-and you working to gain my approval. I have never really confronted the possibility in myself that there may well be a far more effective way of building my business, as I simply may not better informed. The pressure I’ve felt is to pay the wages and demand the result. For me this is the transaction we’ve agree to. To be honest, I’ve felt enormous pressure and stress as an employer and therefore need to confront that there is a very real possibility that the very thought of changing how I think and behave might be just too overwhelming. I do however realise that we all have a vested interest in owning a better outcome for all of us. How to do this simply eludes me, and yes of course I’m open to suggestions where I experience you in a partnership where you actively pay the wages and share in the prosperity of the business. Do you know how to approach this and what would enable this to happen? What is the next step? Dear Employer, Thank you for receiving and contemplating this. I met a specialist in business transformation and equality based practice, known for enabling sustainable change and growth. Can I suggest we meet we Kieth Deats to facilitate and co-initiate a change programme by exploring these issues in open dialogue? As an Entrepreneur Committed to Business Growth, I have helped many businesses achieve and sustain Extraordinary Performance. Talk to us to find out how we can work with you and your team.