About Kieth Deats

Kieth is a graduate of the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business in Advanced Business and Executive Coaching, an MBA graduate and has submitted a Portfolio for his Practitioners Doctorate in sustainable High Growth Business Practice through Transformation. He is driven to bringing the best business growth theories into real world practice and has also trained in Business Economics , Adult Training and Continuing Education, Neuro Linguistics, Industrial Relations, Negotiation, Management Accounting, and the Science and Practice of Agriculture. Keith’s 30 years of experience and knowledge facilitates and connects leaders and organisations to unlocking the potential to grow their business, by ongoing shaping of highly collaborative programmes of change and growth using organically conceived frameworks. His approach has achieved considerable commercial success in Ireland, Africa and the Caribbean, with organisations of various types, ranging from start ups, vast agricultural projects, wholesale and retail, multi-store and multi-site operations, franchising and small family enterprise to multi-national food processing and petrochemical corporations.

Why Are Our Own Businesses Not Flourishing When We’re So Damn Good At What We Do?

Honesty is important in any business, allowing effective appraisals and building solid foundations for growth, but being realistic about what we are achieving is also a crucial skill. We may be talented and have a lot to offer, but if we are marketing ourselves in the wrong way, or failing to identify our ideal audience, we may not be seeing the success we expect or hope for.

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Organisational Wellbeing Equals Sustainable Growth?

Social agreements relating to communication (dialogue), inclusion, transparency, self interest and the well-being of the individuals and the organisation in human interactions that give individuals latitude to be self organising, work with high degrees of autonomy, and engage more relationally? A Utopian View?

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Assumptions About Each Other And The Growth Of Our Businesses

A unique feature in my World is that formal modelling has become increasingly divergent from the real-world problems of practice. This divergence creates a gap between professional knowledge and the demands of real world practice that should be tailored to the unique requirements of the client system (Schön 1991).

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Assumptions We Make About Each Other And Our Businesses

Do we as leaders live with the assumption that we know enough to deal with the high demands of an ever-changing world? Are our organisations not valuable repositories of experiential knowledge? I can acknowledge that I did not understand how to use experiential knowledge effectively in the context of a purposive firm.

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Viable Strategy For Organisational Life

As a business shifts and moves towards a more successful future, some of the changes that occur will be focused on re-framing the way in which the business functions on a day to day level and creating a viable strategy to support a more dynamic – and more successful – organisational life.

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