Health Co

Fast Growing Health and Safety Consultancy

Today, from 20 staff they have grown to 120 staff, and operate from two major cities in Ireland. Revenues has increased from €900 000 per annum to € 5 million In the last five years they’ve sustained growth at 30% per annum. From a marginal loss in 2008, they have produced €500 000 in profits, with the owner’s income increasing by € 1 million over 5 years. Staff remuneration and bonuses have also increased by €1 million over the same period. Cost of the intervention €250 000, and a ROI of 600%.

“I experienced this programme as a greater sense of involvement by me and my ability to interact with employees, giving me the assurance that ongoing and sustained routines focussing on individual participation is the logical approach to sustaining the growth-we need to keep these routines alive as an organisational priority. The Company is sustaining year on year growth! I’m all for sharing in the success”. 

Health Co. Leader

“We have a greater sense of involvement and fulfilment-an enjoyable workplace, so long as we keep this process alive. The quality of dialogue with the leader and each other has improved immensely. We have developed and continue to develop our own incentive plans”.

Health Co. Employees