Leading the Change

Date: Monday 23rd April 2018
Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Location: Shiresmill Therapy Riding Centre, by Blairhall, Fife, KY12 8ER

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Engaging The Social Brain In Business

The business model that is traditional and established across most of the world is designed to fulfil a top-down management vision that empowers only those at the top of the system, and contains limitations at every level. The alternative is an equality-based system that can empower and inspire new levels of commitment and productivity from employees at all levels.

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Analysing The Traditional Hierarchical Business Model

Traditional, hierarchical leadership styles are practiced in the majority of businesses worldwide, and these can be seen to create transactional employees, who function on a reward and punishment basis. This may be the established norm but is it really the model that can achieve the best working conditions and business outcomes for everyone?

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A New Way Of Thinking: A Transformational Perspective

Radically changing our perception of the way we think and feel around what power structures in our minds operate can liberate us from restrictive ways of thinking and enable us to free ourselves from the limits and our own ‘glass ceilings’ we have been bound by. We grow up in our homes, societies and unless we know how, we’re pretty much conditioned by our socialisation, and look to our community leaders to make sense of our lives.

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Challenging The Self: How The Leader Must Change

As leaders, we have a vital role to play within organisations, enabling the best from every individual we work with and creating a structure within which all can thrive. We all, of course, bring our experiences and attitudes to our working life, and the way we have been shaped will impact upon the type of leader we are.

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