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Here at Recree8, we’re committed to working with your business in a unique growth programme to harness your potential for success.

Our straight talking, direct approach is proven to stimulate change and growth at every level and our passion for self development allows us to effectively challenge the concepts and beliefs that are holding your business back.

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Our Results

I’m afraid of change and that’s why I use him, and continue to use him as a major contributor to our success (growth – > 500% in the last 5 years!) – having considered others, I am convinced that his open, affable, challenging learned and experienced approach is unique and really workable.
Kieran Linehan, Ayrton Group
Keith is an excellent business coach and strategic thinker. When we hired Keith in 2011 our business was at a crossroads in terms of strategic direction. Keith combined cutting edge theory with focused pragmatic business sense to help Boulder Formats evolve into a fast growing company. Keith will challenge you every step of the way but the result for us was a reinvigorated business, a strategic focus, and a daily attention to our KPI’s.
Vince Kearney, Boulder Formats
“the workshop sessions were just what we were looking for. They helped build confidence in key staff and for the first time we have just achieved 100% in the performance target that is most critical to our cash-flow. I’d recommend Julie-Anne to anyone looking to grow their business. It was very helpful for us to get an outsiders view. It helped us to get buy in from the team – no matter how efficient and expert you are at a task yourself, you need human ‘buy-in’ …”
Martin Hall, Managing Director, Davidson & Robertson Rural

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Our vision is to establish working relationships with core change-making entrepreneurs, who are open to change and willing to commit themselves and their organisations to build sustainable and profitable enterprises with increasing productivity and revenue.

Our extensive work with corporations and businesses around the world is based on the theories, concepts and practices of dynamic and forward thinking scholars.

We have studied the ongoing psychological and commercial aspects of sustaining and increasing rates of growth in Business, and we have developed our approach based on the key thinking of scholars and practitioners from Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Leeds, the University of Queensland, University College of Dublin, and University College of Cork’s World Class Practitioner Doctorate programme.

Our approach has been developed based on key thinking from:

“Our approach is the belief that it is possible to achieve extraordinary business growth through ordinary people by the adoption of a contemporary reflective type of leadership style.”

Which Programme is Right for You?

It’s important to us that you know what to expect from our programmes, and exactly what the outcome for your business will be. We offer four programmes that work in partnership with you and your organization so that we can facilitate the best approach for your business:
discovery programme

Discovery Programme

Our Discovery Programme is based on a three month period spent uncovering the aspects of personal, professional and business practice that may be limiting your growth. We work with you as a business leader, and with …Learn More

developing leaders

Developing Business Leaders

We offer a Business Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Programme that aims to enable effective leadership that is committed to positive change and growth. This programme creates effective leaders who …Learn More

business strategy

Business Strategy

This programme is based on Balanced Scorecard and Resource Based Strategy, enabling the re-design of frameworks to map, track and reflect-in-action on performance.Learn More

high performing teams

Building Effective High Performing Teams

This programme works to develop a core group or team who are committed to increasing and sustaining performance. The team works within the business model to effect progress …Learn More

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Are you ready to take your business forward to enjoy increased productivity, satisfaction and reward? Opening yourself up to change can connect you with the potential of your organisation, and committing to world class best practice can bring your business to a whole new level of success.
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