Which Programme is Right for You?

It’s important to us that you know what to expect from our programmes, and exactly what the outcome for your business will be. We offer four programmes that work in partnership with you and your organization so that we can facilitate the best approach for your business:

discovery programme

Discovery Programme

Our Discovery Programme is based on a three month period spent uncovering the aspects of personal, professional and business practice that may be limiting your growth. We work with you as a business leader, and with …
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developing leaders

Developing Business Leaders

We offer a Business Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Programme that aims to enable effective leadership that is committed to positive change and growth. This programme creates effective leaders who …
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high performing teams

Building Effective High Performing Teams

This programme works to develop a core group or team who are committed to increasing and sustaining performance. The team works within the business model to effect progress …
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business strategy

Business Strategy

This programme is based on Balanced Scorecard and Resource Based Strategy, enabling the re-design of frameworks to map, track and reflect-in-action on performance.
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Is it Time to Grow?

Are you ready to take your business forward to enjoy increased productivity, satisfaction and reward? Opening yourself up to change can connect you with the potential of your organisation, and committing to world class best practice can bring your business to a whole new level of success.
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