I like to work with people who believe in the potential for change and growth in both themselves and those working around them. Through this process of change, self-awareness, and self-development I will help people to reach optimal performance and their targets in their profession. This involves demanding high standards from both oneself and those around you whilst also allowing space to develop, learn and flourish in their area.

After completing my post-graduate degree at the University of Edinburgh in Performance Psychology I have an in-depth knowledge of how psychology can be applied to high performers to help them reach their goals. My background is in sport helping both individuals and teams improve their game through individual consultation and team-dynamics workshops. I have applied this transferable knowledge to business settings by helping organisations become more aware of the issues blocking growth and how to proceed.

Finally, my expertise also involves knowledge of how to help business men and women to acquire a healthy work-life balance whilst maintaining excellence in their profession. This involves implementing interventions to help individuals to recover and therefore allow them to focus and work at their peak when necessary.

Laurens Dunn – MA MSc 
Business and Personal Coach
laurens dunn
My strengths include:

  • Accessing growth through individual and team self-awareness.
  • Identifying problems blocking growth and how to move beyond them.
  • Increasing employee motivation and engagement through leadership and team-dynamics.
  • Helping high performers to find a work-life balance whilst maintaining high-standards.
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